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Recharge Hose WITH shut Off Valve

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    Recharge Hose WITH shut Off Valve

    Looking around for a recharge tap for 12oz standard R134A cans that I can actually turn off.

    Reason being, sometimes I want to add less than 12oz without wasting the rest.

    Tightening the puncture handle closed will slow down the flow, but not stop it.

    Shirley someone sells one that allows you to fully shut off the flow ???

    New cans are supposed to shut off when the tap is removed, if you use an old tapper on those you can get leaks, is that what you are doing? On the new cans the top is not steel that get pierced, but have a "hole" and a spud in the center. They take a different tapper than the older piercing tap.
    My can taps will hold, may be not for ever but for quite some time.
    I use a can tapper on my manifold so I can monitor things.
    and stop calling me Shirley! (Airplane!)