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DuPont silva R134A cans are not full in new cases

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  • DuPont silva R134A cans are not full in new cases

    Today I received a case of 12 DuPont Silva R134A refrigerant in 12oz tap cans.

    I always check everything I order. Exactly for this reason.

    Of the 12 cans,
    10 weighed 427 grams
    1 weighed 373 grams
    1 weighed 327 grams.

    Ironically, both non full cans were in the center of the group of 12 cans.

    it may not be much for one shop or one person, Not much...but over thousands of cans of freon it adds up.

    I suggest you check your cases of freon as they arrive.

    It's not really worth a fight because in my case it amounts to being shorted $2.14
    But you should get what you pay for.


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    Not just cost-savings, that's either poor manufacturing controls or fraud. Contact DuPont and/or the retailer.

    I do have an electronic scale shed by my former employer, but have never bothered to check cans when purchasing.