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I am stunned at how quiet this forum is

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    I am stunned at how quiet this forum is

    Automotive AC is important to nearly everyone.

    I am very surprised that this forum is not far busier than it is ???

    I ahs been busier at times in its past/ It has changed formats and owners required getting set up again. All can cause a drop in traffic. One of the moderators lost his log-in and can't get back on for some reason.
    This site mainly deals with automotive A/C systems. They are very seasonal, and traffic goes up in the hotter months. We do get a few question from people in the other hemisphere during the winter here, but if they are about models of vehicles we don't have here there isn't a lot of model specific help we can offer.
    Ignacio (goes by Nacho on this site) works in Mexico and sees a lot of stuff we don't in the US. He is a big help on that type of stuff. Also it is his main business, where as it isn't for me. I do mainly my own trucks but do dabble around building my own systems.


      It happens ever fall and winter...slowdown. Folks typically wait until spring to fix their AC.


        Except for the fact that my AC always seems to go at the hottest part of the summer for each vehicle (evap failure) I prefer to do the AC work in the cold of winter......when it dips into the 60's occasionally in Jan and Feb.

        Otherwise we use AC here year round

        80's in dead winter is common.

        I admit I forget it's not warm in most of the country year round


          Phoenix is forecast to be 78-79F Monday through Wed. this coming week. If one parks in the sun, will definitely want AC.


            Originally posted by Cusser View Post
            Phoenix is forecast to be 78-79F Monday through Wed. this coming week. If one parks in the sun, will definitely want AC.
            Winters in Phoenix aren't too bad.

            Your summers....that's a different story.


              Hi King-of-DIY, I really appreciate that question. For one, it really makes me think more about how I have let this site operate with limited (if any) personal intervention. This was never intended, but because of some changing life circumstances, is how it ended up. Similar to how one might re-invent themselves from time to time, I let this passionate hobby of mine sort of drift away from me because of work and a hundred other excuses. My wife can vouch for how good I am with the excuses.

              Right now, I believe weather plays a big role. In reality though, even the summer months are less active than I would expect. So, I think the short answer is... I have simply neglected the site.

              Because of the really great people here, I still strongly feel that it serves those who visit with questions. And I can assure you it's only because of the people that put in the effort to try to help others that this site is even still here. They have done a remarkable job. My appreciation goes out to all of you.

              I am a big believer in the Matthew principal.
              To those who use well what is given to them, more will be given, and they will have abundance. And from those who have (do) nothing everything will be taken away. - Matthew 25:29
              In that respect, I have done so little here that this should have long disappeared. But for the kindness of others, it still remains.

              As I think more about your question, I am sure to be encouraged to do more about it.

              Wishing everyone here a great new year!



                Hello CJB,
                I can't speak for anyone else, but I seem to always need AC work on one of my vehicles. Probably because all of my vehicles are older and I have too many.
                I don't like newer cars so I hold onto and maintain my old ones.

                So I have similar wife problems. haha!

                I dunno, there's just something about taking a hot and sweaty old car and repairing the AC system so that it's cool and comfortable that's very satisfying.

                It seems that in every car I acquire, the Evaporator has to be replaced.

                Anyway, I'm HUGELY grateful for this forum and will visit often.
                My 1999 Dodge Caravan got a new Evap about 3 years ago but now the compressor is acting up. ALWAYS something :-)

                I guess AC work is a labor of love.

                Happy New Year to all !