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desiccant in suction accumulator - orifice

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  • desiccant in suction accumulator - orifice

    2004 F-350 6.0 - I found my AC line (Manifold at pump to condenser) slowly weeping refrigerant/dye/oil into the atmosphere. You could visibly see the little bubbles forming on the rubber. Even though you can see it, it must still be a very slow leak because the system was somewhat working. I ordered a new line and based on reading, also ordered a suction accumulator. My understanding is that it contains a desiccant and should be replaced when the system is opened. I also read about desiccant bag issues with this truck after the system begins to age.

    Upon receiving the replacement accumulator, the box was double taped (as if opened, then closed and re-taped) and on the accumulator itself, the caps on the new accumulator were not tight (I'm positive air could get in). Also, I'm not sure if I should be able to hear the desiccant moving around in the new accumulator, but I hear nothing in there when I move it around/shake it.

    • Should return this accumulator, or should I assume it's fine?
    • If I have to do more fooling around with parts, should I order a replacement orifice "just because"?
    Does anyone automatically replace the orifice at this point or just if there's some specific problem or a contaminated system?


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    Nothing in the orifice tube and a screen, no need to replace if the screen is free of debris.
    Yeah, I would reject an accumulator or drier that has been open. Most are charged with dry N2 to keep the air out. if the caps are loose or if nothing can be heard escaping and the plugs are removed, it is "opened" to the air.


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      Awesome - thanks for the answer confirming my suspicions. Plug on the accumulator fitting was so loose that it rattled. Def not sealed. I'm sending back for another