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How to test high side pressure switch

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    Red Dot and Kysor are two big names in heating and cooling. They designed or made parts for most of the heavy truck and industrial market for decades.
    The single unit in my truck takes 4.5 lbs of R 12! 2.75lbs wouldn't cool anything in that system.
    A quick .net search found some owners groups and some claimed to have manuals they could look up for spec's
    Again, until we know there is enough oil in the system, it would be foolish to operate it. The A-6 compressor in my truck takes 11 oz of oil! What model compressor does your system have? Oil travels and pools in low spots in the system, If the system hasn't been drained (each item removed in oil drained) than draining a re filling the compressor should provide enough oil for the system to operate safely.
    Once we know there is enough oil, we can run the system and work on the cooling issues and pressure readings.