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Need help locating electrical connector pigtail for compressor...

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    Need help locating electrical connector pigtail for compressor...

    I broke off part of the electrical connector on the end of the wiring harness that goes to the AC Compressor Control Solenoid. This is a 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3L. I am finding a bunch of pigtail connectors for every vehicle but mine so i'm hoping someone online can point me in the right direction, website, etc...

    Snap a picture and I'll bet will find it, Plus any numbers or marking on will help in the ID.


      Hmmm? A 2014. Have you asked a dealer at a parts desk? It's probably not sold as a pigtail YET thru a dealer, maybe not at all.
      What part of it broke and does it prevent A/C from working?

      1. If just a bail that holds it together unless you see this can't work, tie it with a wire tie but use dialectic grease (pure Silicone) to keep any moisture out.

      2. If not working over this and suffering for lack of A/C try a salvage yard that lets you "pick your own" harder at the age, as they shouldn't want plucking from a whole engine if the salvage truck's is intact that way?

      Note - it's hard not to bust that plastic, try hard there are picks and tools to help prevent that,
      MetroWest, Boston


        If you can identify the maker, you can get it from Mouser electronics.