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Auto A/C help needed please - Thank you - Johnny

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  • Auto A/C help needed please - Thank you - Johnny

    Having a spot of trouble. Am wondering if you experts here would be kind enough to offer me some guidance?

    Please find some gauge readings and other info at the following link.

    Thanks a ton,
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    Due virus and malware we don't click on unknown links, If you have a problem and want help post the question in the forum. Your link was deleted.


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      I'm here too sport - the other site I'm at you weren't happy with answers is fine this one has different folks - real techs.
      Say what the thing is! Here from the other site ">
      (2003 Grand Caravan SE 3.3L)
      A lot was done but not a condenser is how that ended up. I said and another that with failures it has to go they act like a filter for debris if things went wrong in that like it was plugged solid?

      Other was your gauges just are not making a good connection or about none at all to see some pressure you did post.

      It's impossible to have 50 PSI both if you are hooked up properly, knobs/levers or what you are using are close to just read pressures. 50 if any refrigerant is contained would mean it's empty or ambient temps about 45F I doubt you'd be looking for a problem??

      If an operating pressure say what ambient is this whole nightmare of understanding A/C in vehicles is sooooo temp/pressure related you just have to know all the time if winging it with your own gauges if they are realistic - they are not yet so need to figure out why before reporting what's going all wrong for you,
      MetroWest, Boston