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2008 F150 uncomfortable.

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    Originally posted by Bob F. View Post
    OK, so I didn't do that yet,, It is now 85°F in Amarillo, at 10:00 A.M. I got in the pickup and went for a drive. Around the neighborhood down the street etc. Pickup was at 42°F vent temp in just a few minutes. Took it down a main 4 lane to I-40 with the same result except it pulled down to 40°F. Got on the Interstate and drove just a couple of miles because I saw it drop to 38°F which is what I have the adjustable pressure switch set on. Unit performed acceptable. Now here is the problem. When the ambient temp crosses 90°F. The AC in the pickup will NOT be able to cool the interior. I'm going to recommend a dash cover because I really don't know what else I can do. The AC unit is working. You guys have anymore thought's ?? I can hook up to it and see what it's doing but the fact is,, It's cooling. I'm open for any suggestions or comments.
    Why do you have the cycle switch set at 38 deg? You want the low side to be 28-32 degs (24.5 psi to 27.8 psi with R134a) there is always some temp difference between the refrigerant temp and the fin temp of the evaporator. Basically, you want it as cool as possible without the condensate freezing on the evaporator. By setting 10 deg hotter, you are reducing the effective capacity of the system.
    Also check the system with the blower on high, with it turn down, the vent temp will be cooler, but if it can't cool at higher air flow no one will be happy with it.