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New AC Low side hose pinches when pulling a vacuum...

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    New AC Low side hose pinches when pulling a vacuum...

    Just received a new low side suction hose (GM GENUINE 1522310). When installing it I noticed it felt soft and very flexible. When pulling a vacuum it pinched the two hoses on both sides of the muffler. This is very odd, never seen this before.

    In looking at the picture of the hose online, it shows letters on the hose and when I looked over the hose I see no markings at all, no rating. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.ph ... sn=3&jsn=3

    Can someone tell me if this is something they've seen before or ?


    2014 Silverado 1500 5.3L

    I wouldn't think that is right. It sounds like some crimped heater hose on the A/C fittings! I'd send them back, The suction side can see pressure below ambient in some conditions, esp in the very cold. They also can see high pressure when the system is shut down hot, and the underhood temp is high. It doesn't sound like what you got would stand up to either condition.


      I pulled the ac hose off and did find hose info which is not that legible but am able to make out it says the following:

      R134A/R123yf other info is faded. Looking at the hose material it's a nylon based covering or not the typical hard rubber I see on other ac hoses, or whatever the outer material is. I did see someone on YouTube showing an ac hose they cut open and the inner tube was collapsed. I'm wondering if this is what was sent to me... i emailed the company and asked them to not send me one with the wrong hose..

      I'm wondering if the new AC hoses are different now and this is what I got? Is it right for them to be collapsing pinching off the hose when pulling a vacuum? I don't think so, do you?

      The more I look at this I think it may have been a used part they sent to me, judging by the dirty part label that was stuck on it at ACDelco. ‚ÄčI got it from Rock Auto.


        Further research online tells me it's nylon inner hose with fiber braided on the outside.

        So that makes me wonder if the hose is something different I have never seen before and it's ok or just go a replacement and compare the two.

        thanks for all the help...


          Nothing I've heard of. I don't know what is required for R 1234yf and hope never to need to know! I wouldn't use it, As you have already shown it can't stay open with vacuum and what will it do with 400 psi in it? Doesn't seam it iwould be up to either task.