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Nov 13 2021 Price of 134a 30lb jugs going to double

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  • Nov 13 2021 Price of 134a 30lb jugs going to double

    have been paying 85.99 a can if I take 10 jugs for the last 2 years. I use more than 40 jugs per year and buy over 100,000 in parts per year to get this deal from Advance Auto Parts. In Sept they say my price going to 132 list going to 299.99, they call Nov 13 now say price is going to double next week. In Sept went to O'Reilly paid 105.99 per can for 10 Jugs Went back today to O'Reilly payed 119.99 10 jug deal the walk in price 189.99 they said price going on up. check price on home HVAC 134a 289 for 30lbs jug Ebay price 200.00 Why is price going up ? Is all 134a on a boat in California?
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    Like the price hike when R 12 was phased out, they are starting to do the same with R134a. I was announced over a year ago that there was going to be phase out of HFC's or at least trying to hold them to 2001 levels.
    Look at it this way, if you are using 40 thirty pound containers in a year, that means 1200 lbs of R134a had to escape for that need. Raising the price alone doesn't stop the demand, but it does make people think about fixing the equipment so to minimize the leak, rather than "boosting" once a year to make it though the hot season.
    As when R 12 prices went though the roof, many decided to convert to R134 or live without A/C.
    It is not a question of whether I agree or disagree with it, but the fact that it is the new reality.
    I bought a 30 lb keg when I saw it coming and haven't opened it, I use so little, the small cans meet my needs.
    I posted this almost a year ago.
    Phase out of HFC refrigerants. - Automotive Air Conditioning Bulletin Board


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      Small 12oz cans have now doubled $10 ,, When what is still in stock is gone. price will. double again 20-25 a 12oz can .

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    Nov 15 2021 Advance Auto 134a 30lb my special price $280, O'Reilly my special price $!70., walk in price $280 . My special price was to take 10 jugs.
    Price has more than doubled. WHY ? Ebay price in now $200 and up.
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      It's all going up both expected phase out and value of a US $ is really way down and without change will get even worse.
      OP said for boats. I did one now a long time ago as I recall also had ice makers that used it (?.) About impossible to find leaks by sniffer never mind fix slow ones if where you can't get at so common.

      Opinion: Every molecule of a gaseous product of the sort ends up leaking to atmosphere we are just slowing it down recovering it also impossible for the one I boosted every season (very seasonal) in that case real yachts were all pulled out for winters and drained of things that could freeze.

      California! Need you say more? Raise your prices is how it works and hurts everyone. A total changeover for boats/yachts would be out of control but probably owners just eat that or it's too costly to own for them.

      My home uses it R-22 I have plenty on hand but hasn't needed any ever obviously one good unit is copper and no bad luck.

      It's just too bad that a suitable replacement isn't made first then make the changes that would retrofit what they are I don't think so but keep checking for R-22 was super popular larger boats and also zillion sq. ft. office buildings, homes all in trouble to pay.

      Proof it does any harm is unreliable info IMO disproven on some you'll never hear an "I'm Sorry" about,
      MetroWest, Boston


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        Dec 4 2021 Ebay is now 275.00 for 134a 30lb jug. what will it be by May 2022 ?
        12oz cans are now around 10.00 a can and the stock is going down price going up ,looks like a repeat of the R-12, 30lb r-12 went to over 600.00 ,a 12oz can went to 35.00 and it was .89 cents before the start of it.
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          Same story, you have to charge more to cover costs plus extra to cover "shrink" is loss not planned for exactly. It's frustrating and disruptive to ban the stuff before a replacement is proven to work up to retrofitting perfectly good older units. IMO older that lasted beats totally new unknown life expected of whatever it's for.

          Said I had enough for my minimal use + for some others did buy out Home Depot near me of 12oz cans you still had to tap for less than $6 the self sealing ones were over $11 already headed into winter not much demand as seen by me the places want the shelf space more!
          MetroWest, Boston


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            Jan 1 2022, 134a 30lb jug on EBAY now 325.00 and up, a 50.00 jump in 30 days.


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              Not surprised. Both "inflation" and knowing it's being phased out. How special to sneak in the increase when most of everywhere is cool or cold. Also check locally it's costly to ship if only a contained compressed gas,
              MetroWest, Boston


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                March 2 2022 Ebay a 30lb jug now $380-400 , up $75 I give 280 a jug for 5 jugs $1400 at advance Auto Parts list price $365 they don't have much left my region only has 27 jugs left said my price going up to 325 next week that is why I bought the 5 jugs.


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                  Many are going to be in shock when they bring their car in for its bi annual boosting of the A/C. No question about that.


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                    April 23 2022 , Ebay a 30lb jug now $380-400 , has not changed in the last month .Walmart has cheapest 12 oz self sealing cans at 8.88 .it takes 40 12oz cans to make 30lbs jug total 355.20