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    hi all,hope someone can put me right . i got a bit wildlife through the grille burst the a/c condensor, local mech fitted a new one but doesnt do regassing so i took it to a quick-fit outlet for this, didnt work . the pipes got very very hot ,so they had to take the gas out ,not being specialist in this area they dont know why . do you ?
    2019 1.0. kona . cheers

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    Hard to answer without pressure readings. It does sound like something is plugged up. May be a crimped line no one noticed when the condenser was changed?
    I assuming that they vacuumed the system, (pulled all the air out of the system before putting in gas) If they didn't that is your problem, you MUST get all the air out of a system before adding refrigerant.


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      Arggh? Places to help that don't really do this?
      What it needs is the good + educated guess of how much oil was lost or what was added by shop that replaced condenser. About all vehicles if not missing list how much refrigerant and oil they hold to air for exactly that now by partial ounces matter.

      I'll just call that a vacuum and charge to spec done much better by machine that counts in and out weight. See what came out bet is way too much made "pipes" hot it should have shut down then or soon?

      Can't read minds on what was done or how much oil lost suspect a one time gaping hole to lose refrigerant fast. Tell next pro shop what happened so far for the guess or if you saw a mess of oil say so.

      If not warm/hot enough where you are testing it to work properly can be a challenge. Best if 80F air temp all around it or more or hard to tell if working as intended or did before this time of year for that is really tricky at best.

      That's it. Need the shop that does this year round with equipment to do it once. If it doesn't behave it's then you'll know or them that it needs more.

      Good luck. Keep records of this if insured for damage of this sort hope you've let them know it would or could exceed most deductibles,

      MetroWest, Boston


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        ahh right, i would guess the quick fit guys might just have tried re gassing from the get go. would that be like trapping air when bleeding brakes.?


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          worse, air can be compressed, but will not condense (at sane pressures), so pressure and heat just keep building. An A/C system relies on the fact that there is a phase change from gas to liquid and back to gas.
          Start by have the system evacuated of all gases, and then recharge with the correct amount of refrigerant. If it still doesn't work, we'll need pressure and temp readings to help further.


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            Kenno, with so much unknown now find out what a "VACUUM AND CHARGE UP" to spec would cost. Just that to see if it works. It HAS to be spot on for that, no guessing. It should work if warm enough (all outside air around it) is high enough. Measure output temp at a center vent. See that difference vs no A/C on vent.

            Hard to explain this liquid to gas and back compressed, cooled becomes a liquid again in condenser stuff.

            So think of sweating on skin instead. As it evaporates it's actually taking heat away from you for the test. A/C is just recycling same idea using pressures, fans sending along more or less at just the right times makes anyone's head spin how or why it ever works :-)

            The snag is this system's capacity is so small you can't be off. The help you had probably tried and just missed IDK wasn't there.

            Still if you wish to involve insurance IMO doesn't go against you but AYOR with that too varies from place to place,

            MetroWest, Boston


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              See if this info shows?

              Air Conditioner
              item Specification
              Compressor Type 6VSx12
              Oil type & Capacity PAG 30 120 ± 10cc (4.23 ± 0.34oz.)
              Displacement 140 cc / rev
              Pulley type 6PK - TYPE
              Expansion valve Type Block type
              Refrigerant Type R - 134a R - 1234yf
              Capacity 500 ± 25 g (17.6 ± 0.88 oz.) 450 ± 25g (15.9 ± 0.88oz.)
              Kenno: This car is hard to find out there without two versions? If that shows above it calls for that for A/C. It also says the failed (IMO) R-1234yf is a whole different bird if you will. I refuse personally to deal with it costs more than GOLD is a whole different approach. TMK nobody is using it new anymore. There's just zero incentive for a tech or shop to take this on!

              That if you find a sticker saying it's one of the ones pretty much means you are stuck to a dealer only if they'll still honor even having equipment for it.

              It's new enough I'd contact Hyundai with any info in car that I hope you have on this for info. TMK it can't be converted to another refrigerant if that odd ball one so lost.

              Find out. It's going to make or break any progress on fixing this,
              MetroWest, Boston


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                I may be wrong, but was under the impression that R 1234yf systems had unique fittings and that R134a charge hoses would not attach, precisely to prevent cross contamination.


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                  Yes Cornbinder - it would be different. So far NONE passed my way isn't a surprise as I'm not taking on new work. If so I'm out no way to have equipment and expect to break even. Dealer owns those and buyers beware TMK not retrofittable. It may NOT be this! It was listed as a maybe, that's all,

                  MetroWest, Boston


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                    Radiator -condenser fan not working and or expansion valve got stuck and needs replaced.