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Need help with recharging

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    Need help with recharging

    Hi my initial manifold reading was 27 psi low and 190 psi high with outside ambient around 82F. When i try to add refrigerant low pressure side would increase then drop down to 27 again but high pressure side increased and is at a stable 245. Later i came to find out my low pressure hose inner o ring was teared so i dont know if this is the cause. Will bad low pressure hose effect high pressure? Also why is my low pressure side not increasing?

    Ah jeez Wink I'm here too is where I started. YOU STILL REFUSE TO SAY WHAT THE CAR IS? It's a 2013 Mustang so said elsewhere or we get noplace at the speed of light.
    Now you say you found a leak you wouldn't see a torn "O" ring so if nothing else did it hold a full vacuum for your altitude? You should have done that and then send it out for proper charge it matters totally.

    BTW - temp is taken a foot or so in front of grille not the forecast or thermo on home or around you. It's plain luck this even has a high side port most vehicles quit that as you charge thru low side check temps accurately also tell of what pressure is where you don't really need gauges just touch and feel or best infrared thermo at lines are they proper where they should be with given conditions. Engine RPM should be held at about 1,500 for testing so you know. Just tests the charge amount can't be known with that either just that it's within performance ranges.

    Have or get a thermo for inside, center vent output @ a real 80F should be in the mid 40sF - at the raised idle speed or driving along even better fans no longer needed by over 35 +/- MPH in many vehicles not sure for this exact one may or will stay on.

    Please allow others here to chime in this site is A/C specific has some super pros at the biz. Site may also not tell you a reply was made just check back if not? I can't fix that about this joint,

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