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Brand new A6 Compressor received with wrong oil type, what to do?

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    Brand new A6 Compressor received with wrong oil type, what to do?

    I’ve just purchased a brand new GM ACDelco type A6 compressor, manufactured by company Alma Products.
    Compressor is all correct, but it’s unfortunately filled with PAG 150 oil, not mineral oil.
    I need a compressor filled with type 525 mineral oil, due to using R12 Freon in the AC system.

    Can I simply drain and flush the PAG oil from the compressor, and refill with 525 mineral oil?
    Or are there O rings and rubber seals etc. inside this compressor that will be affected?

    Should I rather return the compressor?

    Would there perhaps be a good procedure available for such an oil change?
    Attaching a couple of pics of the ac compressor.

    TMK the A6 was in use long before anything but R-12 was used in "mobile" vehicles. So it's a pump that also could tolerate inferior 134a. I guess I would ask the maker so warranty stays in effect expect you are set to use mineral as it would have been OE in whatever it's going in.

    So yes would dump out PAG and flush thru mineral and still cross fingers there's nothing wrong with this.

    Notes: R-12, Freon by Dupont (argue all you want) is the gold standard for condensable gasses, wider range lower pressures and a caloric value of 1.

    134a is about 80-85% as capable requires the PAGs or Ester so oil circulates.

    The R-12 is a larger molecule less apt to leak does not require barrier hose and "O" rings would now be overkill so great.

    Don't waste your R-12 still in use by me and no doubt many it works best, leaks least both molecule and operates at lower pressures so charge this carefully when you can control temps around it/whole vehicle really helps. IDK if any machines are still working that would meter in and take out this gas anymore it's become rare but still have one OE vehicle with it and real R-12 not all Dupont's Freon but is real, new R-12. Good luck sport it's worth it :-)
    MetroWest, Boston


      Some shops in Phoenix AZ still service R-12 systems.