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2012 Honda Fit AC Problems

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  • 2012 Honda Fit AC Problems

    When I start the car and turn on the AC, I can hear (what I believe to be the condenser) turn on, cold air will start coming out, and stay on when kept in park. When I start traveling it will either stop working after roughly two minutes or when I reach higher speeds. I can toggle the on/off switch and get it to turn on occasionally when going under 30mph, but not all the time. I noticed that whenever it stops working there's almost a metallic sort of smell that starts blowing through the fans. Any idea of what the issue might be? Thanks!

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    I should note that the air feels really cold when running, and I have checked the pressure, so I believe everything is fine on the refrigerant side of things.


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      Not much to go on here, we need pressure reading while in operation and when it quits. Could be a slipping clutch or any number of things. Some of the new systems have different set points when the car is moving and when it isn't.
      Sorry but will need a lot more infor.


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        A "metallic sort of smell?" Thru what fans - under the hood or blower fan to interior? There's a clue there better find out what that is. A slipping belt, and as Cornbinder said a slipping clutch (the compressor's.)

        A/C is nasty costly if it 'grenades' a compressor I suggests you have a shop check this time may early enough to save yourself a fortune,

        MetroWest, Boston


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          Compressor clutch.

          Verify the compressor will stay ON along with BOTH cooling fans.

          Verify you can command the compressor to turn on and off at your leisure.

          Hon-du's are noted to have bad AC relays. Could be an intermittent electrical issue.