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This is why 134a is going up , EPA Production cut

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    This is why 134a is going up , EPA Production cut

    2021 Sep 23 this was approved in 2021 Sep 23, EPA production cut starts 2022 Jan 1
    2021 Oct 1 price of 134a starts going up

    2022 Jan 1 10% production cut
    2023 Jan 1 Same 10% production cut
    2024 Jan 1 30% cut, makes a Total production cut 40%

    2025 Jan 1 No more importing 30 lbs to or making 30 lbs jugs in the U.S.A.
    Stores can sale what 30 lbs jugs they have

    2026 Jan 1 Stores must sale ALL 30 LBS jugs by end of year Dec 31 2026

    2027 Jan 1 NO more distribution or sale of 30lbs jugs, will need to rent a refillable cylinder
    then use a cylinder exchange program for 134a,
    2028 Jan 1
    2029 Jan 1 30% cut, Total production cut 70%

    Yes, It was known that the plan was to reduce R134a use to a level aprox that of 2003? (I may be wrong on the date). While R134a did what it was supposed to do for the Ozone layer it contributes highly to climate change.
    I am still in the dark as to why R152a hasn't been adopted in mobile refrigeration. Its GWP is something like 11 compared to R134a which is more like 1100. Again, I don't have the stats in front of me, so numbers may be off a bit.
    Almost all refrigerant made, eventually ends up in the atmosphere. if it didn't it wouldn't be a problem.
    We can bemoan the phasing out of 134a just as we did R12 but we learned to adapt and 134a systems became every bit as good as R12 systems.


      Thank you for keeping us up to date on all of this!


        R-12 didn't leak near as much as the others. Still drive one all OE (1989) was real close to 100F over new asphalt highway job could still blow out the cooling BTUs must admit that car was not exposed to dirt, foliage to clog up things but is the age of plastics (whole HVAC box inside mostly) now brittle IDK what grief that could cause if it needed to be apart for any reason?

        All others give me fits, that one doesn't? Go figure...........? A 1969 of similar brand (doesn't matter) hoses OE used clamps like cooling system hoses was enough to seal R-12!
        MetroWest, Boston