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Replace orifice tube with a TXV????

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    Replace orifice tube with a TXV????

    Has anyone tried doing this????
    Have to bend a line, and find the correct TXV with the correct fittings, but it looks possible.
    Wonder if a receiver/dryer need to be installed ?????
    Wonder if to would be worth the trouble????

    Yes, you have to re design the system Storage has to be removed from the low side (accumulator) and install a receiver between the condenser and the Tx valve.
    The problem is the Tx has some sort of connection to the outlet side of the evaporator. Either the block type TX which has both inlet and outlet go through the block or and external equalizer line and a thermal bulb on the line. There are internally equalized Tx but these aren't as good at making sure enough refrigerant get in or too much gets in.
    Add to that the outlet connection for orifice tube evaporators tend to be larger in diameter than more common -10 or -12 tube,
    All in all, it will be a lot of work and I am not sure how well it will work.