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Noise from console when changing vent position

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    Noise from console when changing vent position

    Hello everyone

    I have a european model lancer from 2010 with automatic AC. Lately when i was changing the vent position - in specific two positions i started to hear strange noises, like 2 parts rubbing each other.

    I opened up the right side of the console and found out that there are two white plastics parts which you can see in below video, and when you move the vent position to legs or body, these two come close to each other and rub and make noise ( not audible in video much)

    I showed to my mechanic he had the same observation but he s not much into hvac stuff. This happens on ac or when ac is off. Any ideas why this would happen,?

    I greased the area little bit but no help.‚Äč

    I'm afraid I am not going to be much help. The parts are part of the ventilation system, which control air "doors" to direct air through the system. They have only a peripheral function of the A/C system. Problems of that nature are unique to that make/model
    I would ask on a forum that is dedicated to that make and model vehicle.
    Sorry I can't be more help.