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Jan 7 2023 Harbor Freight raised price 134A 13.99 price is going on up

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    Jan 7 2023 Harbor Freight raised price 134A 13.99 price is going on up

    Harbor Freight raised price to 13.99 from 12.99 , first to raise the price this year 2023, Walmart is still the cheapest at 9.48 EPA cut production 10% LAST YEAR AND THE SAME 10% FOR THIS YEAR, 134A will be going up all this summer. Next year on Jan 1 2024 EPA will cut production 30% more , that will make a total of 40% Cut , If a 10% cut has pushed the price up this much ( 30 lb jug 375 EBAY - 650 ) it will be 800 - 1200 next year for 30 lb jug. 12 on cans will be $25 - $35 in 2024 Stock up if you can.

    Saw that last time out was expected. You're right stock up now it will be worse.

    Pretty sure there's a date to quit making it at all at least in the US?

    We have the horse behind the cart with this not ready except for 152a. IF not that folks will figure out propane BTW is a waste product of refining fuel once just burn it (ages ago) wasn't worth saving much.

    Cool to plain cold where I am lots of homes/building use it for heat and cooking stoves/ovens.

    IDK - fav saying of mine is "You Can't Fix Stupid"
    MetroWest, Boston


      2029 Jan 1 A 30% cut, Total production cut 70%
      2034 Jan 1 A 10% cut, Total production cut 80%
      2036 Jan 1 A 5% cut , Total production cut 85% = 15% left , No more Cuts
      How much will a can be with only 15% being produced. All simi trucks in 2022 are still using 134A .These trucks will still be on the road in 2036 being only 14 years old. and hold up to 5.50 lbs


        IDK, bet this BS gets changed IMO no proof even if a direct replacement is available?

        It's not just vehicles my fridge uses 134a, home uses R-22 and one car left still OE R-12!

        There are heat pumps in widespread use - countless not practical for all situations but one thing is both GREAT for roadside motels been in many didn't study them.

        Sign off should say New England lots shuts down seasonally still need heat and A/C as seasons switch.

        Can't know think this BS will be reversed a lot of the US isn't made for lousy A/C wasn't built up or populated over it Google out Las Vegas pre A/C population 30 pre A/C.

        Vehicles don't have good air flow, vents still cost too much.

        BTW - I grew up with zero A/C homes or vehicles we used fans.

        Not old enough but clean lakes were the source for ice cut and packed in hay or sawdust lasted all Summer you put a block in an ICE BOX was a biz to sell it!
        MetroWest, Boston


          A coupla things to keep in mind. Lots of things used to use 134a other than vehicles. The use has or will be stopped in the next year, no new items using 134a will be made, so the demand drops to servicing older installs only, and the primary leakers are vehicles. Things like 'fridges and chillers don't have shafts and hoses to leak.
          15% should cover the older vehicle in service.
          This has been known for many years that this was going to happen. You can whine about it or deal with the reality.
          It is human nature not to make a change until forced to do so, esp in business where it cost money to change that cuts into profit.
          We have known this was coming but little was done to prepare, if deadlines are extended, it will just postpone the inevitable.
          R152a seams like the smart replacement even if it would require engineering changes for mobile use. It doesn't seam like that is taking place.
          I ran 30 -40 year old semi's but few if any produced to day will be on the road that long, they are no longer made to last.
          The "world was going to end" when R12 was pulled from the market, and the world survived just fine, we adapted to R134a and systems got more efficient in the process.
          Yes, 134a is going to become more expensive, I remember $1 small cans of R12, but also remember 28 cent a gal gasoline.


            Memories. R-12 cans cheaper than a soda. Gas wars sold for less than cost if completion nearby for a short while saw 19.9 cents! Realistic would be 25 or so ALL WERE FULL SERVE! That meant you knew and had the product needed on hand.

            A new headlight install was free if you bought it there.

            OMG know how to fix tube tires if typical nail - tube out find the hole and patch it - WHILE YOU WAIT! Not everywhere if you had time or put on the spare, leave the tire/wheel if local,

            MetroWest, Boston


              I ran tube types up until I retired a year ago or so. I had started to phase them out, not because they were a problem, but because it was becoming hard to get a tube on the road if one was needed.
              I still have 4 new recaps tube types on my last tractor to sell. At that time, you could still order 10.00x 20 radial tires from Hankook or Kumho, every bit as good as tubeless. I would get at least 3 treads off of the casing, original and cap twice before scrapping.
              The thing to remember about vehicle A/C systems, is virtually every ounce of refrigerant ever put into the system, will end up in the atmosphere. Either through an accident, corrosion or just leakage, almost none make it to the recycling yard with the system full of refrigerant.
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