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EBAY stopping sale of 134a Jan 26 2023

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  • EBAY stopping sale of 134a Jan 26 2023

    eBay's Blocking Refrigerant Listings


    If you need (or sell) R12, R22, R134a refrigerants (basically any HFC) eBay's starting to block sales and remove listings.

    Just had a couple listings removed and confirmed with support staff they're no longer supposed to be allowing sales.


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    May be allowing sales if picked up not shipped ?


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      Thanks for posting that. Two quick searches on eBay found a part used 30lb listed was "free shipping" too failed to say much was left?

      The other was using the buzz word "Replacement" didn't really say what it was.

      Since forever shipping a hazmat if only spray paint was a trick or impossible without lots of troubles.

      Face it if only a compressed gas involved handling it has always been tough in small amounts.

      Huge amounts pay off the rule makers seems the way ongoing now wild issues by a trainwreck in Ohio. Oh shut up BTW about that it's profitable enough it will get there! The public markets? By chance didn't check last known 134a was open for sale still but laws are state by state TMK,
      MetroWest, Boston


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        My guess is it has to with new limits on how much you can sell to non 609 cert buyers, and the record keeping for 609 buyers