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1965 Mustang Factory under dash hoses to Saden under hood

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  • 1965 Mustang Factory under dash hoses to Saden under hood

    Who makes the hoses needed to convert this....?? everything else is the same all I changed was the compressor just cant hook it up now.

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    IDK! Perhaps try compressor maker for ideas or the parts there then on who local to you that makes connecting line to hook it up.

    Hmmm I'm old enough to know these/others new just clamps and ends like a heater core I think copper tube and plumbing for high side, all came as a kit. Then just cut and go.

    If still lost keep asking some measuring/pics just may end up with non-automotive help with HVAC custom stuff. Best I can suggest for now,

    MetroWest, Boston


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      Find someone to make up locally. You are going to want barrier hose anyway. Depending on how much A/C work you are going to do, you might want to invest in a crimper. Also there are hose systems made that use clamps but the cost is higher, worth it if you are just doing one install, but fittings are limited and cost of hose and fittings are higher.


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        Right CB89. Find help locally. If this is a real original and can prove it might not be good to fake anything.
        Chat on it you prob. know. First full year of this thing a wild assortment of engines available bet if even offered yet on these had to get a V8 for A/C?

        All other Ford cars I knew used like an RV-2 (like an engine) didn't use Shrader ports rather isolation valves such that you could remove compressor + not lose the charge. All X valve set ups with sight glass on high side drier.

        It might have been factory sent out for A/C - IDK. TMK thru '66 this was highly a Falcon, floor pan, steering, suspension and joy of a 6V dash gauges until '69 then change it.

        Cause rapid hair loss - just kidding but it did! Drove me nuts why one messed up one they wouldn't read properly,
        MetroWest, Boston