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Low side to high

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  • Low side to high

    2000 K3500
    The high side is 150 to 200, but the low side is at 90.
    System is fully charged with #36oz, outlet temp is 40'.
    Clutch keeps on cycling.
    Could to much oil be the problem????

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    Check your connection, the low side can't be 90 and the outlet temp 40, not possible. 90 psi is like 83 deg F


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      That is what I'm thinking too.
      Checking the gauge set, but so far everything seems normal.


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        R-134a vs R12 Temp Pressure Chart (http://www.acsource.net/acforum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8490#p30284) Postby ACProf (http://www.acsource.net/acforum/memberli

        Might help, found in the references section.


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          I removed the over fill of oil.
          Low side went down, but I think the accumulator is oil soaked.
          It's acting like it's under charged.
          Low goes below 35 and cuts off the clutch.
          High side gets up to 200, when the clutch is on.
          Friends truck. Got it used. Don't know what was done on it.
          A/C was a mess.
          Some monkey over tightened the fitting to the condenser.
          Had to change it and the hose assy.
          Then the compressor leaked.
          So got another one, but that one leaked to.
          Got a different type this time. Sanden.
          Replaced the accumulator twice.
          Nothing but problems with this one.
          Cheap parts on amazon, but sometimes cheap doesn't mean good.
          Trying to do things "on the cheap" is not working out.
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            Pressures without air temp readings are fairly meaningless. 200 shows a condensing temp of 130, great if it is 110 deg not so good if it 80 degs.
            cycle switch should kick off around 27 psi for 134a.


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              Arggh. A/C isn't forgiving of failed parts or the one mistake left and replacing more is just a waste.

              "On the cheap?" Costly doesn't mean quality all time nor does a bargain item mean it's good.

              Pressures don't mean a thing without lightening speed of temp observations AND what RPM. That with known plenty of airflow ad know it all this when observing it work. Dang gauges set right and know that.

              Too much oil mentioned taken care of? Just how?

              Oh my used parts AYOR unless known from a perfectly working same system is just suicide IMO.

              Just my comments knowing of some of these cobbled attempts are fast to make you start all over again it may be there and just endless frustration - forget the cheap word that and A/C don't mix well,
              MetroWest, Boston