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Flushing an evaporator?

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  • Flushing an evaporator?

    Hello everyone. I have a few questions about flushing and evaporator core.
    A few months back I found I had low charge in my pickup AC and I added a 3oz can of avalanche triple seal stop leak and some r134. It cooled for a few weeks but is no longer working.
    I’ve learned since then that the stop leak was a bad idea so I’m going to be replacing the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and lines.
    That leads me to my questions. 1. can I flush out the evaporator core and continue to use it? 2. Does the stop leak remain in the system once the refrigerant has all leaked out or does it leak out with the refrigerant?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi and welcome. Stop leak products could and do vary. Best to leave that as a last ditch effort vs fixing the system IMO when and if ready to do without A/C!

    I can't say if you'll get it out or just waste $ now throwing parts at it if not a whole system, every part that could hold refrigerant tossed or ruin those again if partial.

    If keeping this I'd start with contacting the maker of that product and ask them what it might morph into if you wish to get it out to really fix it now but bet just a refund of what product cost comes of that.

    For the record as I've known it sealers never lasted. At best maybe one more season and change out vehicles,

    MetroWest, Boston