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Manifold Gauges high side valve failure while charging r134a

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  • Manifold Gauges high side valve failure while charging r134a

    Tom why would my high side manifold shut off valve frost up and blows out on my high side when on cars ac system with engine running? Compressor valve never blew out.

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    You probably have both knobs open? High side is 99% just watching it not more. Knob closed or it's able to leak so start over.

    If they are defective and hooked up you are just mixing readings or a leak in the gauges to see frost.

    Stinks - try another set?

    Careful that frost if leaking and enough refrigerant to leak that much can also cause wild freeze burns like a heat burn destroys skin about the same way OMG don't let it at your eyes could cause blindness?

    This is all wrong something with gauge set or how you are using them,
    MetroWest, Boston


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      I was a full face shield and gloves. Thanks Tom.


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        Good! Took me years to witness just a little can go wild spun around like (I threw it away from where I was) OMG left a frost trail before it quit.

        That's not under serious an operating system if a mistake can spike to 350+ PSI before blowing up with more than those 12oz cans if back at gauges/manifold set no telling.

        Had the hoses or even a gauge itself go nuts too. Luck - I wasn't hurt but the warning made itself clear!!
        MetroWest, Boston