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Fitting Selection Help Needed

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  • Fitting Selection Help Needed

    Greetings. First post, glad to be here

    Briefly, I have a 5/8"-18 thread Female O-Ring (#6?) fitting which essentially needs to be blocked off with a mating Male Insert O-Ring cap or plug of some sort.

    I could, optionally, just fit the connection with a 90° oriented 134a charging port like the Cold Hose ATC6301 fitting -- less any additional inline Female O-Ring coupler item at the other end.

    In a nutshell, does anyone know where to find the item(s) which may be needed to either cap off this 5/8"-18 thread Female O-Ring fitting or repurpose the connection as a 90° oriented 134a charging port?

    Thanks for the help!​

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    Airsource #4184 is made exactly for what I think you are asking for. There are other configurations if that is not what you have

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10-26-36 Fittings_Beadlock.pdf.png
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      Thank you, Cornbinder89​, for that tip!

      I just sent a message to the MEI regional sales manager to try and find the item somewhere for retail purchase: Any quick guesses as to who might carry #4184 online/down here in the US???

      Thanks again --


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        A goggle search turns up "discount fleet supply" out of Georgia as a possible on line source

        is where I get my supplies in person, don't know if they will mail order for you or not.


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          Thanks again: Glad for the help


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            If anyone's still monitoring this, I have one last simple question: is there particular size nomenclature for the #6 Female O-Ring fitting tube's ...o-ring?

            Can't seem to dig out the correct seal for these fittings no matter where I look...



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              5/16" o ring MEI 0011


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                Cheers, and have a great day --