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Accident 05' avalon

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  • Accident 05' avalon

    I replaced a bad alternator and was putting everything back together when my stupidity showed up. I drilled a hole in the condenser coil. I was wondering how many of the SMALL cans of freon are needed for 05' toyota avalon. System worked perfectly before.

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    so, you need a condenser, drier. evacuate and recharge. Your best info will be on the underhood sticker, it should list type and amount. I think 2005 would still be R134a.
    You need to fill by weight, not by "cans". Cans can vary from their printed weight content, and often the amount is not an even number of "cans".
    If you can't do all this, then replace the condenser and take it to a shop that can fill it correctly.


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      Ok thanks a lot


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        How much Pag oil would i put in for a condenser coil replacement


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          ? How much oil lost? IDK nor do you. Some guy (prior site to this) would heat one up like on a pic-nic table and cut it, catch what came out + usually 2oz. Oil settle low when system is off.
          Other if other issues of a blowout is guess at the mess it made. As C/B said capacities should be on a sticker under that hood. Check anyway,
          MetroWest, Boston