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Volvo v60 no AC after regas and valve replacement

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  • Volvo v60 no AC after regas and valve replacement

    Good afternoon looking for some help with my AC.

    Had a garage attempt to regas the system as it was cooling but quite poorly. They said it had failed and the high side was rising above what’s normal and then the system was switching off as a fail safe. They suggested this could be the expansion valve on the firewall so I have replaced that with a new genuine part.

    After replacing that I took it back to the garage for a regas and it failed once more. The problem now is that there is no pressure on the low side whatsoever. The ac clutch is also not kicking in but I assume there is a low pressure switch stoping it from working.

    Does anyone have a ideas what the problem could be? Many thanks

    The system being empty today was due to me getting it drained to replace the valve​

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    Model year would help some. Yes it supposed to shut down not right. Since pros had it why the guessing? Sounds like a low charge went they should count what came out how far off if at all.

    For now I think some touch and feel where it's hot or just cool if compressor can kick on at all.

    Fans for condenser have to work of course. Running it to long on a low charge can and will ruin a compressor then toss debris at condenser.

    What was the too high reading? At what temperature is/was ambient air? IDK today's weather news said most of the US was above normal temps that's hard on a system also is when things fail. In pro hands IDK why the guesswork if you got it back not working OK why did you accept that?
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      From what I can see from the ticker tape receipt, none was taken out (0grams) and high side was 8500 Mbar's (around 123 psi).
      To me, it looks like it is not a true "professional" but a quicky shop with an automated machine that they hope would replace a person who knows what they are doing.
      Professional would not hand the car back and say "sorry it didn't work"!
      Not enough info to say more, I think you are going to need someone who knows what they are doing. 0 low and 8500 Mbars could be a restriction, but the Tx valve is not the 1st thing I would suspect.
      This isn't something someone can just say "replace "X" and it will be fixed. Diagnosis is going to be required.