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1990 Nissan Hardbody hot air

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    Good luck and will wait for results hoping parts are not defective. At some point web/forums are NOT the solution rather in person pro well equipped needed,
    MetroWest, Boston


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      Good idea to replace the high pressure line, the one on my 1998 Frontier developed a pinhole this summer, and had oil residue on it too. Probably the high pressures from my bad fan clutch accelerated its failure.


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        Thanks Cusser. When I break open the system on this old truck it will be my last so anything I have doubts about will be replaced.

        On Tom's suggestion the web is the only tool I have ever used. Not even going to take my truck to the rip off people around these parts. In March 2012 a few days after I retired I took on the task of removing the 3.3 engine from an Xterra I got from my adult son. He bought it new but never took good care of it. His wife pretty much trashed the engine after driving it several miles with the temp gauge pegged.

        I did all the work myself with the help from people on the web. The heads were not even warped and cylinders only needed honing. All new parts and I had a perfect vehicle that my wife still uses today. We have put 21,000 miles on this SUV and not a minutes problem. I guess you can say at age 65 I just wanted to see if I could still do this type work. It was a very hard job to do all this but I did it all by myself. I had no help from one person. I even removed and replaced the hood on my own.
        THANKS. TomD.
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          TomD: It isn't all a rip off any more than any other trade or service. It's lots more costly with lots of experience even after training then up the mega thousands in tools and equipment.

          Just speaking for myself with this. It was an strong interest to include this in a loss leader biz. Metro areas of Boston are so freaking costly just to park a car or have space to is a total pain - super costly.

          Also is so seasonal you need a place for all the stuff when slow and will be in few weeks already. Who pays for that 9 months of the year - we do. Have to warm up everything to work with it at all at wild expense.

          It sure could be a total rip off but so could lots of other things.
          BTW - many sites like this new again has been around for many years. All volunteer help and free for you to use. Some use ads to pay the overhead of running a site this one doesn't and hope it stays that way,
          MetroWest, Boston


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            I guy I know was on an out of town trip in his late 1990s mini-van, broke his alternator/water pump belt that he had never changed before, was all shredded. Shop charged him $55 for the replacement belt, $134 total out the door. I told him shop has a right to mark up the price of the part, and to charge for labor, and that cost was reasonable. I told him that belts and hoses are oftentimes just replaced every 6 years or so, then the owner should keep those used belts/hoses in his vehicle in case of emergency. Not all parts are available on Sundays or evenings !


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              Tom G. Not sure about the Boston area but here most in the auto shop business are rip offs. I could go on and on about this. Most are part changers. The turnover rate is high in the mechanic trade.

              Home AC shops pop up all the time because it is better business here in the deep south than where you live. I have one man I trust that does my home AC work but he is semi retired and only helps a few friends like me.

              I can tell you some horror stories on what I have witnessed in my many years living here on some of the work these locals do.

              I have taught myself things over the years using the internet as a tool. I actually installed new plumbing in my home about 15 years ago with the help of the internet. I also taught myself how to repair computers and never once in my life had to depend on some geek shop. I build my own systems and have for years. Again the internet helped me do this. I learned how to network office building and set up servers so you see there is not much I won't try.

              I actually worked part time for many years doing computer work for side money and had more work that I could take care of. Like many other things the home PC work has just about went away with more people using phones and tablets these days but when it was hot I made lots of money. More than I made doing my full time work

              I am older now and have all but let that go. My time with my wife is much more valuable to me now being she was operated for Kidney cancer 3 and 1/2 months ago. All was good but they did have to remove part of her right Kidney and we never know if it might come back. We have been married for 47 years and never thought I would hear the C word but we did and now have to deal with it.

              So you see this old truck is just something I work out of on occasion and if I have to I will park it in my shop because life changed for us when the cancer came about.

              This old truck is no big deal and I mostly post to make sure I am on the right track when working on the AC. I could make it without this site but it does help reading what others have to say. I can always take it to my shop and park it until cooler weather gets here as I have a new Toyota Tacoma with only 900 miles on it so like I said it is no big deal.

              Thanks goodness we don't have the parking problems here you have. No way would I ever live in a large city. I like small town USA.
              I also used the old site for AC many years ago and always got great tips from people like Nacho and a few others. Tom
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                We've drifted off topic - let it be for now site is fairly slow still. 1st - good luck with the cancer battle!

                I maintain that Rip Offs in anything are everywhere. It's just more popular to complain with the shock of how costly real A/C work is than some other things and sure it exists. As a homeowner there will always be things that can't be done DIY because it's takes equipment, people who have a clue how to use it to do much of anything. Examples - I can't so much as lift the roofing material of my home let alone pour a concrete foundations that must be dug below frost line or it would all bust up first full year - end of story you have to build anything considering that.

                Boston is NOT my home, I'm close. I say it because if you took a street corner poll not one in 20 people could name a single populated city North of it - go ahead and name one! Just one without searching the web. Didn't think of one did you?

                It's ancient for a city of it's spot mostly landfill to make it and cold ocean water with very useful tide changes and prevailing winds such that shipping could come and go pre anything with an engine. The harbor also almost never freezes and does next useful real estate North of it would render it useless when established in the early 1600s.

                No cars, nothing but "Brownstones" which are 4-5 story brick townhomes that share walls with alley in the back for your transportation needs (horses) and a carriage house at one end. No parking in front on if lucky a cobble stone street for even the horses. You could walk to anything you needed.

                NYC isn't that far to the South would just be a day's ship ride all different geography is solid rock and an island ships could navigate all around also never freezes the ocean is markedly warmer water and markedly less tide.

                Hey I've lived here forever and date back to the first settlers always wondered why on earth would you choose such an area to settle. Simply shipping was it dates back 1,000s of years never mind A/C things had to move and ships were they way so be close.

                I'm West of that uninhabited early just left for it's resources early on - wood then farmland over makeshift roadways very early on.

                Just amusing why well established Europe would settle for a cold climate. Wood, fresh easy water, abundant fishing, cold water fish loaded with fish oil for lamps only lighting for 1,000s of years.

                In short - food, heat, building materials, water, transportation to anywhere or nobody would survive living here all hundreds of years ago. Quickly ponds and lakes where harvested for ice packed in straw lasted all Summer.

                Move up to today the statistic stands as far as I know. There are fewer people living in Boston itself that have never owned or driven a car than any other world class city in the world! No parking a key problem - simply no room,

                MetroWest, Boston


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                  Nothing wrong with going off topic once in a while. I like to meet people from different places in the US. I have been in your state at Westover AFB . I was there in l Oct of 1968 when I was in the Air Force.

                  The best I remember the fall colors were beautiful. I was only there for a few days while the KC-135 Tanker I was flying on was being repaired. My next stop was Loring AFB Maine which was about as far north as one could go without being in Canada.

                  Your part of the world is beautiful when fall is in full swing for sure. My wife have been planning a trip up the east coast soon. Again thanks for all the help here and sorry about me getting off topic. This site does seem awful slow compared to the old site.

                  I also cannot think that in today time there are people who never drive a vehicle. Not many around my city


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                    When I was going up around Boston, I knew of people that never drove. They 1st lived in NYC and later in Arlington, MA. The woman finely got her Lic in her 50's as public trans was getting un reliable.
                    I live in western Iowa and not being able to drive would make life very hard out here. Us drivers love the freedom to go anywhere, at anytime but rarely if ever tally up the cost of that freedom. The cost has been so much a part of our life since adolescents, that it as much a constant as food, rent or mortgage.


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                      Refresh that: I'm not in or influenced by "Boston Proper" is first in the USA to have public transportation still in place.

                      People moved to have space. I'm probably just 22 miles as the cow flies and without a vehicle am just as lost as I would be in Western Iowa as you said. Only a maybe for a taxi from somewhere else.

                      Aha - but I have room to park many cars, vehicles. TMK my area has zero parking that you have to pay for but does have parking with a time limit nearby never used by me there to accommodate the American Main St. idea where a city or town center is so was all the businesses you can't get to without additional parking.

                      Laugh - have known people never even thought of a driver's license or a car of any type some have a mindset that if beyond where the Transit goes you are close to the Pacific and West coast! Must be out in nowhere - huh?

                      The other reason to get out was it cost too much now it cost too much where I am. It's a rea problem if you leave you better save the bucks you took if you change your mind or can't come back. Feel bad for younger people starting off have to leave now more like 50+ miles away or more often just leave depends on what you wish to do. It's no place to manufacture anything just too costly,
                      MetroWest, Boston


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                        I believe the big draw to colonize America was that England was running out of good trees to build ships for their navy.

                        Agree about the region, mostly from what I've read: the company that eliminated my job after 40.5 years announced a couple of months later that it was moving from Arizona to CT, way higher cost of living, etc., and no one was happy, many chose to stay and take severance.


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                          Totally correct. There are zero of the best trees left can duplicate but grow to fast so not as good. Costs - CT as a whole state I think takes the prize! Pay is commensurate usually but not instantly if you move there!

                          Unless it harms anyone just laugh. Six New England States with MA in the middle. It's like crossing a neon line on step over a line the difference. We are called the "Massholes"* (just smile) and Welcome to NH "Live Free of Die" State Motto, but really means come on up and spend all your money but please LEAVE!

                          Really - there's a whole place you can buy souvenirs like this......

                          Relax - I'm just making fun - we all get along just fine,
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                          MetroWest, Boston


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                            My 1st cousin who is the same age as I am lives in Portsmouth NH.

                            Her husband had a high paying job with Shell Oil Company. He left the company 10 years ago and started his own business. He just sold that business for a lot of money.

                            I talked to her often and she told me last week she is moving to Hawaii with or without him. He was in the Navy for 20 years and they were stationed on the big island for three years and loved it. She said she was sick of cold weather and snow and was going to spend her remaining days in a place that has warm weather year round.

                            They want us to come visit them when they buy a home there but not sure I can talk my wife into flying.

                            They put their home on the market in NH and it sold in one month. The market must be good in your part of the world Tom G but no place that I would ever live. Way too many people and I also hate cold weather.

                            I would hate to know what they charge in Hawaii for AC work but if one can afford to live there they can pay the price.


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                              I moved to Hawaii in 1978 lasted a month but been back. There's almost no need for heating or A/C in anything except a closed in large building. Can't see a reason for either in personal cars neither do many natives belly ached once they had to pay for it like it or not. To each their own on any of that. My apartment didn't even have screens as bugs weren't a problem (Oahu) and a rented house on Lanai had one outside wall no insulation heat or A/C for the whole house was owned by two American Airline pilots then just a 10 room motel not much more there. A whopping 10 miles of paved road at the time too. Super climate if you love it.

                              Portsmouth, NH is coastal on the Piscataqua River which separates NH's short coast to Maine. Link to the area > https://www.bing.com/maps?&ty=18&q=P...r&trfc=&lvl=13 <

                              I can be there in an hour a must heading North as it's I-95 the only realistic coastal route,
                              MetroWest, Boston


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                                Tom, you mention that you lived in Hawaii and had no screens for bugs. I was stationed at Ramey AFB Puerto Rico ( USAF ) for two years in the late 60's and my room did not have AC or screens on the windows. We had barracks with windows that had louvers . I often thought I was dreaming about this but a good friend who was stationed with me told me the same thing, no screens on any windows Just wooden louvers.

                                When I left home in 1966 my parents did not even have air condition in the house. I never remember being hot when I young but I am sure it was just as hot then as it is now. We just got spoiled with AC and now its hard to live without it. We had no air in any schools I went to back then but yet things were fine. Alabama also gets very hot in August. September is much better but still hot. The nights begin to cool off later next month and will I be glad. This summer has been different than any I remember. Lots of rain in June and July but now we are dry and hot

                                We have four seasons here which I like. The spring and fall is the best but our winters are not bad. We have had many a Thanksgiving day with temps in the 70's here.