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1990 Nissan Hardbody hot air

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    OK - hard enough when a system is erratic and almost pointless if behaving do mess around with it unless you can find some whacked reason like a slipping belt for some reason - oil or something on it or just not quite tight enough but do avoid overtightening any belt that's adjustable - many were for assorted set ups even later than this model year.

    I have had TX valves just snap to and work for no reason was my own car now ages ago coming home from Florida no less it quit (knew it was icing) shut if off and back on 10 minutes later it worked fine again for years! I didn't bring anything to do anything about it anyway OMG was April, 1993 wasn't too hot by the time I got into S. Carolina anyway just noise of windows open is annoying to me.

    That car was about 15 years old then untouched TMK A/C wise since new that I know of?
    MetroWest, Boston