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Need to buy a compressor. Which one?

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  • Need to buy a compressor. Which one?

    I am having problems with the Evans Tempcon, 3 dial, AC system in our 2001 Coachmen Mirada (F53 chassis. As I understand it the compressor is furnished by Ford.
    I am advised by members of the irv2 forums that I am going to need a compressor. This brings up a basic question. I have a 17 year old coach with 110,000 miles that I will probably sell in about 4 years. I can buy a genuine Ford compressor which might cost 1200.00 or I can spend less than $300 for a rebuilt cheapie. Neither one sounds good to me. Did I mention that we are not wealthy? Somewhere in between there is a reliable replacement that won't break the bank and that will cool the RV nicely for a few years. How the heck can I figure out what to get. Is used better than cheap? Are rebuilt ones really lousy?

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    A compressor is just a pump and as far as that goes, any compressor in the CFM range will work, The problem is that the bracketry, pulley and belt are all set up for whatever the factory put in there. Unless you want to build everything new from scratch, your stuck with whatever model came on it. So that leaves new or rebuilt. I have run some rebuilds in OTR Semi service where they may run more than 24 hrs at a time. Nothing wrong with rebuild if done correctly, the hard part is knowing what your paying for. Many don't like rebuilds because it can be a crap-shoot on what you get, and cleaning up a system from a grenaded compressor can cost more than buying a new factory compressor.
    So I guess I don't have any guidance, other than if the compressor in question has a bad rep for coming apart ( like a GM R-4) than I would spring for new, if it has a good rep, then I might go with a rebuilt from a major supplier who has a rep for standing by their work.
    What makes you think you need a compressor to begin with?


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      A lot of the aftermarket replacement compressors are brand new. The new compressors are generally all made in China. As much as I like quality U.S.A. made stuff, I always opt for new China made compressors over store bought re-built. I was a skeptic years ago with the cheap imports, and as much as it pains me to say it, the cheap ones are usually just as good. Probably what's more important is the skill of the tech that's replacing the unit.

      We also install a lot of Ford parts in our shop and i don't find them to be that expensive.The Motorcraft line from Ford is a good choice and usually fairly competitively priced. You may want to have a look at the Ford site. You might be pleasantly surprised. Good Luck and safe travels!
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        Originally posted by Cornbinder89
        What makes you think you need a compressor to begin with?
        Best way to answer that is to refer you to a post just made with all of the info. I will heed your advice if I do actually need a compressor. I decided to lay out the full story and see what you folks thought.